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Airline or Aviation sector has become highly successful as an industry. There is a rising awareness and interest in the Aviation industry in the people. Due to global liberalization and inclusion of private players, this industry has attained an enigmatic position. Needless to say, there is a continuous requirement of employees in this industry.


Increasingly, more and more airlines have understood the difference between quantity and quality. The clients have come to know the hassles and doubts involved in hiring the candidates by the company itself. There is no surety of acquiring the perfect candidate for the job. It could result in the wastage of money, time and resources whereas selecting from the pool of expert employees shortlisted by the recruitment agencies is certainly more feasible. This way they can attain an ideal employee without any stress.


Candor International: Take a Flight towards Success!

Candor International is with you to cater to your infinite requirements. Our professionals understand the challenges of this field and hence use innovative techniques to find a candidate of quality for you. Whether it is cabin crew, ground staff, air hostesses and stewards, each one has to face the grinding before being shortlisted for the final interview. We provide employees for a number of industries like civil, military and VIP corporate aircraft operators. Psychological and psychometric profiling is also one of our special features for clients who are interested in our ‘executive search’ services for aviation personnel.

Some of the important job positions which are fulfilled by us are as follows: –


  • Cargo Manager and Handler
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Management personnel
  • Simulator Instructors
  • Sheet metal workers
  • JAR Audit Inspectors
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Licensed engineers
  • Ground Operator
  • Training Captains
  • Flight Engineers


Outsourcing services or staff has become very convenient and beneficial for almost all the industries. And why not, it saves money, time and energy! Candor International goes one step forward as we take the help of knowledgeable psychologists to help you attain the ideal candidate, one who enjoys his job and is dedicated towards it. So call or contact us and let your company fly towards the horizon of success!-