Power Plant can be certainly termed as the heart of a nation. It is the focal point of any economy and the reason behind quick industrialization. It is indispensible for manufacturing plants, business organizations, factories, entertainment sectors and residences. Everything comes to a standstill in the absence of power. Its absence not only causes low productivity but it also puts a jolt to money power. Therefore, there is a dire need for skilled and experienced workforce which works diligently with utmost sincerity.

Candor International is the leading staffing and consulting agency of the world. The organizations all around the globe trust on us to acquire quality manpower for their projects. We are connected with our clients in India as well as abroad and we are aware of their individual needs and company objectives. Based on your requirements, we carry out the search and select only the potential candidates after rounds of scanning. We only send select employees of quality for the final interview.

We have fulfilled the requirements of our clients in a quick and efficient manner with the help of our experience and a strong network. Our clients keep coming back to us for quality staffing solutions.

We have a record of providing quality candidates for various positions. Our employees have become a trusted name with their employers and have contributed in the success of their company.

We provide Employees for the various Positions in this Sector –

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Controllers
  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Technicians
  • Business Sales Manager
  • Technical Consultants
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Construction Managers
  • Nuclear Structural Integrity Engineers
  • Plant Personnel Technicians
  • Maintenance Management Officers

Whether you need an individual or a team, we have the experience and the skill to provide you with the best talent. Our employees are also flexible to work in your time zone. We also respect your privacy and we do not share your details with our organizations. We do not share the details of our employees also with other firms without their approval. We are the ones you can trust without any doubt for we offer hassle free and cost effective services. So call or contact us and feel the spark of success!

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