Printing/Publishing Industry is undoubtedly indispensible for a country. No matter how much the success of the internet or the advancement of technology but there cannot be an alternative to Paper and therefore this industry is always on the rise!

Printed material is still the preferred option as it is best in the absence of power or Wi-Fi connectivity. But generally it is required for financial procedures. This industry is searching for innovative minds and dedicated professionals to adjust to the specialized changes.

The process of printing covers innumerable items magazines, books, pamphlets, daily newspapers, handbooks, checks, maps, cushions, T-shirts, printed brochures, manuals and many other things. The business also comprises of various sub divisions like embellishing, binding, completing and pre-press etc.

Candor International is the leading recruitment agency for Asian, African and GCC countries. We have the skill, technique and the experience to provide suitable manpower for these fields. We are skilled in identifying the appropriate candidate for you. Our professionals are efficient and flexible enough to work in your time zone. We understand the individual needs of an organization and then search for the candidate keeping your company objectives in mind. We keep pace with the changing techniques and use it for the customer satisfaction.

Provide professional for the various job openings –

  • Sales and Customer Service Executive
  • Electronic Pre-Press Staffs
  • Production Staffs
  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Graphic Designers
  • Binders
  • Printing Machines Operators
  • Technicians and more

We are committed to provide you with the qualified candidates. We check the candidates on the basis of qualifications as well as background to save you both from any type of problem while working together. We are here to assist you in all your staffing concerns. Whatever your problem regarding your staff, we are here to solve it! We are transparent and cost effective in our workings and provide hassle free services.

You can save time, money and energy. Training new employees can waste a lot of time when we provide well trained and educated employees ready to work!  So just call or contact us, acquire efficient employees and see the growing popularity of your company!