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Dubai Recruitment Agencies

Staffing and Recruitment Agencies in Dubai, UAE

Candor International stands as a pioneering global recruitment agencies in Dubai. Our expertise in managing the recruitment flow’s life cycle has enabled us to meet even the toughest requirements of our clients. From need identification, concept, execution, budgeting of the job offer, market research of the interview, from reference checks to resourcing, our professionals are highly capable of handling each and every element of recruitment procedure.

Our clients range from small start-ups to mid-sized firms and large global corporations. We cover all position levels and all industries. Our recruitment experts have thorough knowledge of the wide variety of recruitment issues that are faced by the corporate in each sector. It is for this reason we are able to serve our clients better and more efficiently.

Find a dream job for you with us!

There are tens and hundreds of jobs available in companies, but to fit the right candidate into the right job takes a lot of experience. Candor International takes it upon itself to fit these candidates into best positions as per knowledge and qualifications.

Our in-depth knowledge of different industries helps us balance the requirements of companies with the candidates. Information about the industries in which we specialise has already been given at the bottom.

Executive Recruitment Agency in Dubai, UAE

Candor International Dubai provides efficient candidates to GCC countries from different countries. Candidates can fulfill their dreams of working overseas by applying with Candor International. We help candidates receive all necessary information about recruitment such companies and guide them throughout the process.

Our consultants work ethically with integrity in order to provide highly standardised professional service. We work as recruitment agencies in Dubai to establish healthy and strong with our clients.

At Candor International, you will find some of the highly experienced consultants of the industry that hold great specialisation in their domain. Our experts also provide invaluable advice and inside knowledge, for better decision making.

Our corporate culture is open and collaborative. We focus on offering highly standardised recruitment services to over thousands of business people all over the globe. We aim at giving exceptional human resource that can solve the recruitment challenges of our esteemed clients.

Helping recruiters to find quality manpower assets!

We have developed a sophisticated research capability that allows our professionals to identify the right candidates for the particular job opening. Our web presence and target marketing allows us to secure potential candidates even before their entry in the job market. In order to ensure that we get the best candidate we always talk or meet all the potential candidates before shortlisting them. We leave no possibilities for dissatisfactions of our clients.

From background of the employees to their qualifications, everything is checked properly. The legality of the documents and certificates is examined carefully to ensure you get the right candidate for your company for we are not focused on just the completion of your project but the success of your company! And we want to provide you an employee who is efficient, hard working and loyal! This is why they have to go through a couple of screenings and tests to prove they are a perfect choice for you. We also organize their meeting with you via the online chat and video conferencing to enable you both to get acquainted with each other before commencing with the project.

Dubai is a golden land of opportunities! It is a happy combination of the unique Arabian culture with a futuristic set up. The life there is all the time buzzing with activity. They focus on work and work hard to achieve excellence. So hiring a candidate from Dubai is indeed a better idea! And we at Candor International Dubai are here to cater to your requirements! So what are you thinking? Just call or contact us and just like height of ‘Burj Khalifa’ let your company take a flight towards the pinnacle of success!