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Overseas Recruitment Agency
in Pakistan

But while recruiting overseas candidates for an organization, you must have realized that handling company papers and visa papers can often prove to be a cumbersome task. And recruit employees from Pakistan is no different! It can also be a complicated procedure. To make sure the right kind of candidates get associated with your organization, you can consider outsourcing this work to Candor International. We as recruitment agencies in Pakistan especially cater to the needs of GCC countries. Since we have specific recruitment teams for each country, they will know the exact work criteria that can allow individuals to be employed with companies in Pakistan.

Get Dedicated Employees from Pakistan!

Pakistan, the nation that is extremely passionate, whether it is their religion or their job! They are known to be fiercely competitive and are determined to give it their best! Here you can get Urdu and English speaking employees.

As a reputed recruitment agency in Pakistan, we make sure that we select only the best candidates, maintaining a high standard of quality. We very well understand that the employer and the employee should be in perfect sync for the successful completion of the project. Therefore, during the recruitment process, we see to it that the employee fits the requirement of the client completely. We pick out the most qualified candidates who can fit the unique requirements of a particular position.

Our Services –

  • – Candor International, the premier Recruitment Agency in Pakistan
  • – Catering to the employment needs of GCC Countries
  • – Providing skilled and experienced Employees
  • – Employees for Private as well as Public Sectors
  • – Employees both for contract based as well as long term vacancies
  • Proper Documentation Check, Screening and Eligibility Tests
  • – Nominal Rates for the Recruitment Process
  • – Contact us for prompt and trustworthy staffing solutions

How we help employers?

We foster long term partnerships with their clients, who are companies belonging to various industries. We endeavor to live up to the reputation of providing cost-effective and efficient recruitment solutions which can help their clients to excel in their respective industries. We make use of the latest technology and devote significant amount of attention to client service. They make sure they are able to quickly respond as per the client’s needs.

We provide the best trained candidates for a number of government and non-government organizations such as Aviation, Information Technology, Health and Safety, Auditing, Construction, Engineering, Outsourcing, Banking and Telemarketing etc. We give hassle-free services. While some look for experienced professionals, others search for fresh candidates. We are ready to take up the challenge. We conduct extensive research and shortlist only those candidates that exactly match your requirement. We conduct the background check, screening, tests and final interviews. And from that exclusive lot, we select the best qualified candidate for you who will complete the job accurately.

Candor International always strives to provide the best of talent to the recruiters, whether it is for short term or long term. There are plenty of job seekers in Pakistan who are constantly struggling to find good jobs in their own country as well as abroad. So just call or contact us and give us the responsibility of hiring manpower for you. Trust us you will not be disappointed. We deliver prompt, hassle free services at cost effective rates. And you are sure to get the best talent for your project! We believe in making relationships and work for the benefit of your organization. So call us and select a passionate worker for your business!