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Candor International is one of the pioneering independent global employer oriented manpower recruitment agencies. We provide Overseas Recruitment Services from Asian and African countries to all GCC & European countries.
The company works to connect the employers with the potential manpower. We are one of the top recruitment agencies facilitating a number of business houses all over the globe with our one of a kind recruitment services.


Taking a Look Back of Our History

Overseas Recruitment Agency Serving All GCC & European Countries

We also have the option of conducting a confidential search on our Job Board. Our team of experts work hard to come up with highly professional services that can benefit the employer to best possible extent.
As a recruitment agency, we will help with your search for potential employee. Our highly expert consultants work to offer the added benefit of offering recommendations to the potential employers so that they can find the best candidates holding specialization in the relevant skills. Our huge database allows us to benefit our clients to the best core.