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Searching a potential candidate with specific skills can be frustrating and tedious. You may fail to find satisfactory option for your requirements even after spending countless hours on traditional job boards. Waste no more time and efforts, as we are here at your service. Candor International is one of the leading recruitment agency providing International Recruitment Services for Skilled, Semiskilled and Unskilled workers of all Categories to all GCC & European countries from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Phillipines, Vietnam etc. We have years of experience and expertise of offering recruitment solutions for wide range requirements to employers..We have changed the way employers look for skilled people. On hiring our services, you are saved from pulling over millions of options out there. The recruitment experts of Candor International will email you only the job profiles that you care about and will arrange Personal Interviews in Overseas Countries to select the right candidates of your choice. In addition, the expert tips from our professionals can help you finding better options for your requirements.You need not to follow typical procedures in order to find better options for your employees requirement. You simply need to let us know your requirements and we can help you with your manpower needs to the best of our efficiencies. The process takes only a few minutes. Tell us about the kind candidate you are seeking along with other necessary information. Our experts will source the same job profiles matching your specifications of the search.



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Candor International intends to connect the recruiters and job seekers. We offer a versatile recruitment services that allows the potential employers to find the employees meeting their expectations. Allow us to help you know about the potential candidates in your area! Allow us to help you know about the new job opportunities and potential candidates in your area!

Our Area of Speciliazation


Due to the enhancement in our lifestyles, the construction industry has also gained speed in the employment of new professionals as well as the use of innovative techniques. Every organization, be it ...

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Hospitality industry is a multi-billion dollar service industry which covers a number of sectors catering to their different needs and still proves to be unique in its clie...

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Agriculture Agriculture, the culture of farming lies in the spirit of a country. It not only gives us food but it is a part of our rich heritage. The green fields, the yellow mustard crops dancing aw...

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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas industry is a major contributor in the economy of the world. The price of the oil and gas determines the increase and increase of prices of various things and thus they are considered ...

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The security is a very regarded one furthermore one of the most noteworthy enlisting divisions. In the present day situation of rising wrongdoing rate, terrorism and debasement, the industry is cred...

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Air Conditioning

More than a luxury Air Conditioning has become a necessity for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. An innovative system of temperature control, it also controls humidity, pollution and movem...

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Garment & FMGC

Encouraged by the popularity garnered by the Fashion Industry, the Garment industry has become one of the most successful industries of the world. With the passage of time, Fashion has gone through ma...

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Marine Shipping

The Marine/Shipping Industry plays a very important role in the socio-economic progress of a country. Especially the landlocked countries are highly dependent on the countries having ports and harbors...

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Telecommunications which is a combined network of Internet services and Telephone/Mobile companies is the largest industry of the world. It is perhaps the main industry going through tremendous techno...

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Health care

There has been a noteworthy technological advancement in the medical industry owing to the growing health consciousness among the people. The increasing competition and decreasing nutrition is taking ...

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